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About Us
Why Online Marketing ?
In today’s market, some 90% of buyers use the internet to search for a Product or Service. While 27% check the newspaper, as well, only 1% actually find new product/ service. The internet is the place to market your product or service. And there is no better place to start than with a targeted website unique to each product or service you’re selling.

Why ?
It is true that there is a lot of promise to Product marketing. The internet is already expanding and covering a lot of ground. In the last few years, we have seen a lot of industries taking advantage of what the internet can offer. A lot of consumers are also finding internet search a lot more convenient for them to a certain extent. It is very vital to discover how such interactions come to being and how the Online Business Industry can actually benefit from internet marketing. There is real promise and benefit to taking advantage of the internet but of course, it always varies between industries.

The world of B2B internet marketing is very advantageous for these businesses for the matter of convenience. Possible clients need not go anywhere else to find possible venues. They can search the internet and discover popular Products or Services in various regions or countries. They can communicate directly with the Supplier/ Dealer then and there, asking for details and other important elements that are necessary for the clients. Product/ Service descriptions and other details are readily available online. By making it possible for clients to do their search more convenient and accessible there is a bigger chance of finding possible clients especially for the busy, affluent clientele.

# Joining.
Register online at and list your Product or Service for Sell. Get genuine leads for your listings.

# SMS Alerts.
SMS alerts of enquiries on your products/ services listings with

# Email Alerts.
We email you a brochure of product/ services that matches your buying requirement criteria. The second it appears on our website. Think of it as your own dedicated robot that is constantly searching for your deal @ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

# Market expansion.
It has great advantages that are utilized by sellers all around the globe. The techniques not only help to explore your business globally by increasing profits and building customer relationship, but they also help you to compete in market competition. Many small/Large business owners aspire to grow their business with the help of Internet (

# Increase Revenue.
Increase more profit and revenue with an online marketing campaign, Online marketing is the most effective technique that has endless opportunities of having utmost potential for business to be diversified, profitable and smooth.

# Offer convenience.
As you know “time is money”, so the customer’s find their product/ service requirement conveniently with the help of Websites offer clear and consistent product information to all internet users.

# Corporate identity.
Corporate identity is often seen as a collection of visual elements, which are used in various applications to promote the image of an organisation. Originally, it was synonymous with organisational nomenclature, logos, the housestyle and visual elements, but in this time online identification of company is must and help to company marketing.

# Growth opportunity.
The entire business world takes the help of the internet to order to deliver a promotional marketing message to their target customers. The process includes various types of display adverting techniques including: Mobile advertising, Search engine marketing, Online marketing, Social media marketing.

# Electronic brochure.
Digital Brochure or an e-Brochure is an interactive stand-alone virtual marketing center dedicated to showcasing an individual Properties for sale. Each e-Brochure is a virtual marketing platform. This platform makes it possible to customize the presentation based on the home's unique features and selling points. Updating and adding new elements can be done quickly and conveniently, whenever necessary.

# Upload Latest Projects.
The internet keeps customers updated through websites, emails, online adverts and social networking sites. Many customers can access the internet on the move through things technology such as smart phones and tablets. Manufacturer/ Supplier/ Dealers can instantly update their customers through the internet.

# Get Upload your Product/ Service.
Opportunity to upload your Product/ Service onto our database in order to get the chance to display your Product/ Service to thousands of visitors to the site, and give you the best possible chance of getting the right price for your Product/ Service.

# Add value and satisfaction.
One of the greatest advantages for the customer is that they can compare Products or services they wish to purchase from the comfort of their own homes with best satisfaction level..

# Advertize your Product Picture.
Upload to adveritze your product to your account.

# 24 x 7 x 365 Marketing Executive.
Usually referring to a service facility available at all times without interruption. The internet is available all day everyday. Many online sales now start at midnight on a particular day encouraging customers to shop all hours of the day.

# Expose your business to online crowd.
Online Crowd helps business owners and marketing managers attract and nurture new customer relationships via the internet.

# Far cheaper and much more flexible than print advertising.
Digital Brochures are the revolutionary way to reduce or eliminate print and distribution cost. Easier to read, a digital brochure contains 3D page turning technology and is designed to be read as one would a traditional brochure without the cost overheads. Instantly available to your clients as a download or via email or promotional CD. A digital brochure provides more information without print and distribution cost restraints.

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